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Add another line to a graph

Hello everyone! Did you know…how to add another line to a graph in Microsoft Excel when the chart type is a Line Chart and each data series is in a spreadsheet column?

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There are a number of ways to do this.

Automatic source data

Possible the easiest one is to make your source data for the graph or chart an official table by selecting a cell in the data and pressing CONTROL + t. Make sure the data range given is the correct range and that “My table has headers” is ticked off. Then press enter.

Thereafter, if you enter another column of source data this will automatically add another data series or line to your graph.

With the mouse

Alternatively, you could click on the chart area in the chart and then drag on your existing source data at the bottom right corner with the mouse to extend your source data to include the entire new column.

Select Data

Another way might be to click on the Select Data command which you will find on the Chart Design ribbon in the Data group and add the new data series by clicking “Add” on the left (or series side) of the dialog box.  You would select the new series name and series values range by highlighting the appropriate source cells of the new column on the spreadsheet.

To add another line to a graph – last method for today

The last option you might think a little odd but it would be to select your new column of data including the column heading, copy this and then click the chart area on the chart and paste the data into the chart using CONTROL + v. It’s really just the regular type of link of a chart data series to the source spreadsheet data that you are creating here.  This method should work for you as well!

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