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Sometimes it’s best to start from scratch and do a Beginners course in Excel.

Learn all the basics to help prepare you for the next time you have to do that urgent spreadsheet or put the finishing touches to an existing one.

Spreadsheet Interaction will guide you through your very first steps –

  • Full explanation of the Excel user interface (a.k.a. cell, grid & ribbon),
  • Enter your first formula – adding, subtracting, multiplication & division; learn how to refer to other cells,
  • Use your first function SUM by clicking Σ which puts it in the spreadsheet for you

And also you will experience the hallmark of any Spreadsheet Interaction course –

  • Learn easy to remember keyboard shortcuts which are designed to save you time and money, starting with Control + s to save your very first spreadsheet.

Watch the Beginners course video below and also download the pdf which lists out the 30 skills you will learn on the course:

pdf: Beginners – Learn new skills