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Microsoft Excel chart in millions

Hello everyone! Did you know…how do we show a Microsoft Excel chart in millions?

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Explaining the topic Microsoft Excel chart in millions

And by that I mean if we are charting our source data numbers which are full numbers over a million then how do we show them in millions in the chart.

What we want

For example, showing 7,899,452 as 7.9 M on our y or vertical axis. This would allow us to take up less space on our chart.

The code

We go into formatting of the vertical or y axis and find where to enter the custom number format code and then we enter:

#,###.0,,” M”

Results in

The formatting in your source data does not change but doesn’t your chart look better with the numbers now shown in millions!

Additional Info

Careful to add

When setting up the example file it was important to click the Add button beside where I entered the custom number format code as otherwise it quickly forgets my input of the code!

Relativity maintained

Looking again at the downloadable file in today’s post I think it’s important to note that, despite formatting a Microsoft Excel chart in millions, that the size of any column is still relative to the magnitude of its source full number. For example, the July number of 7,755,279 results in a column which extends up as far as a point which is between the 7.7 M and 7.8 M value axis gridlines, i.e. it does not go quite so far as the 7.8 M gridline.

Another option

There’s also a separate option in Axis Options to “Display units” as “Millions” but the method outlined in my video allows you to use a decimal place with the millions.

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